Counting Butterflies is guided by the vision of a resilient community connected to one another.

We are guided by a mission to nurture the transformation and resilience of children, youth, and families, by fostering a deep connection to one’s self, others, and the natural world around them.

The foundation of our vision and mission is rather simple (in theory!):

And from this foundation, we have created an ever-growing therapeutic community (… our village) of mental health professionals and like-minded organizations to support our Counting Butterflies’ programs and support services:

• Mariposa House-Youth Transition Program: Residential and Outpatient Therapeutic Community for young woman (17-25), who face social, emotional, and developmental barriers to growth, and whom are at-risk to fail to launch into adulthood. Read more.

• Holistic Therapy & Support: Therapeutic care from Registered Mental Health Team, for children, youth, and families facing barriers to connection and mental-wellness. Read more.

We have a team of dedicated mental wellness professionals who offer therapy and support for children, youth, and families. Each member of our ‘village’ shares a common thread throughout their treatment approach that connection is the foundation to hope, change, and resilience.

We are working hard to bring you information on this ‘small safe space’ we are creating for emerging young women. Please visit back soon… or reach out and connect.

Drawing inspiration from one of the most beautiful and natural transformations on earth, I have developed a unique wrap-around program. With my support we will use this program as our map to navigate the journey to creating sustainable change.

Phase One- The Caterpillar: Inspire Hope
• Get UnStuck- Find forward momentum;
• Explore new relationships to the problem;
• Gain knowledge and inspiration;
• Begin to look beyond behaviours;
• Create a language around emotional awareness;
• Experience a safe-space & highly attuned relationship.

Phase Two- The Chrysalis: Foster Change
• Accept what can't change and become open to what can;
• Tend to the "hurts" & Begin sitting with the “uncomfortables”;
• Learn to listen and trust to your 'gut';
• Experience new healthy patterns of relating to yourself and those around you;
• Cultivate your roots to grow healthy-habits — explore the mind-body connection.

Phase Three- The Butterfly: Build Resilience
• Build a community, your village, that supports your healthy lifestyle;
• Access and utilize supports and resources;
• Become empowered for continued growth and adaptation;
• Embrace your journey... and learn to stop and enjoy Counting Butterflies along the way.

We use a variety of client-centered approaches including play therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy, attachment-focused therapy, family-systems and relational therapy, and training in mindfulness-based strategies.